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Making your business more Profitable & more Valuable

Welcome to every business owner who wants to make your business more profitable and more valuable: I can help you.

I am a Business consultant, with 25 years’ experience of managing businesses change, in various countries and industries, from Kentish retailers and restaurants to breaking up and privatising energy companies.

I have 3 degrees (BA, DipM MBA), am a professional Project Manager (Prince2-certified), a partly- qualified accountant (CIM) and advise micro / small businesses owners across the UK on how to make their businesses much more profitable.

I provide a fresh, external view on how well your small (between 5 & 50 people) business operates, could your staff be retrained how to accelerate your cash flow by weeks, could your Sales or Marketing or Digital efforts be improved to reach more target customers, or could your service operations be improved to create new sales opportunities from your existing customers?


I am a practical person and often work alone, but when required I can call upon specific industry expertise through a network of 200 Associates (all independent consultants in the UK), to identify how each small business can best be improved, so that it substantially improves your bottom line. For example, to assesses the best way to improve your staff’s productivity, or your marketing, or customer operations, all to improve the long-term profitability of your business.

I am a collaborative consultant and will work closely with your staff to identify how their work can be made easier, more efficient (same work with less time/effort) or more effective (making each £1 spent go further) and so more profitable. Over the years I have worked with a variety of small businesses to:

  • Accelerate Cash flow, by retraining all the staff how to systematically chase up invoices better, reduce their debtors and put more money in your company's bank account more quickly;

  • Increase staff collaboration so there is less rework / checking required, or to make your IT work harder instead of your staff;

  • Improve customer service and uncover new sales opportunities from existing customers by changing the way your staff serve your customers;

  • Improve staff productivity, by me teaching your staff to work Smarter, not Harder (with initiatives such 4-day working, where your staff regularly do a normal week's worth of work 20% more efficiently, enabling you and your office staff to regularly having 3-day weekends and ensure all their work is still complete).


In the last 2 or 3 years, I have provided several cheap Government Loans to small businesses Start Ups, as part of the Government’s ‘Funding for Lending’ program which has a fixed, 5-year interest rate of 6%, approx. half the High Street bank rate.

Clients for these £10-25k 'soft' Government personal loans for business have to have been trading for less than 2 years and have included a Kentish Dating agency, a Maidstone charity supplier and for a London Developer of an App for children with Special Education Needs, which measures and accelerates their learning which was used to pay off all the money friends & family had lent him and allow the App to be further enhanced to go on the Apple and Google stores.

I have also worked with a number of small business Directors & Managers to develop various Business, Financial and Operating Plans for themselves, their bank or staff.


Business Meeting
Business Meeting
Business Meeting


Efficiency is achieving the maximum productivity, with least effort spent, e.g. selling more products per day or installing more metres of cable per day. I can show your staff how to make their work easier, why? Because it will make your staff get through their work quicker and make you more profit; It's called Productivity.

Effectiveness is the extent to which something is successful in providing the desired result. e.g. ensuring your Sales & marketing efforts reach more of your target audience.


Business women & Business me often complain about a lack of cash flow, so I have some tips:

  1. Move all your customers over to electronic payments

  2. Set your finance team cash flow targets like Sales people are set Sales Targets

  3. Start chasing payment before the Invoices are due

  4. Ask all your customers to sign contracts with an agred cash payments timetable for products delivered / sold.


Helping SME's save money every month on their Gas, Electricity or Water

This year I have saved a local Kentish restaurant £3,000 off his gas bill and £2,000 on his electricity bill. That's £15,000 over the 3 years I signed him up for, against the old EdF  default tariffs he had been stranded on.

That's £15,000 in his pocket.

I invoiced him for 50% of the first year saving.

No saving No charge




I have started up

6 businesses myself and helped Start Up over 50 more.

You need to get to grips with the basics - what is my idea, who are my competitors and why will customers buy from my business? How can I promote it, where, how can I sell it? Can I start it on my own or do I need help?

I can answer many of these questions for you and direct you to many local experts. For example, how much money will you need?

We provide 5 year fixed-rate Government Loans of up to £25,000 per company Director, to companies less than 2 years old at half the interest rate of High Street Banks.

So far in 2018/9, I have helped finance a Kentish Dating Agency, a Charity Supplier & an App developer.



Contact us and find how our services can benefit your Start Up or company.

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What Our Clients Say 

“John Mather took a look at our electricity supply bills earlier on this year.  We were absolutely delighted when John slashed our future bills by more than 50%.  It was very straightforward and easy to deal with John, he just got on with the job in hand! 


I would have no hesitation in dealing with John again and would highly recommend him”

Anne Nelson, Bell House Business, Tenterden, Kent

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01622 892315

Headcorn, Kent

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