Productivity, or getting more work out of your staff than you do now, is  a neglected part of most small businesses as it requires a more thoughtful style of management than most business owners / Directors are used to. But after you start to realise the benefits of greater Staff Productivity, you will wonder why you never did it before, as your staff start delivering and completing more work without being paid more, or working more.


My Productivity program has five steps and almost immediately starts to get your staff more focused on their own jobs, planning and scheduling their work for the day or week, collaborating better with their colleagues and making your business a lot easier to manage. It is no harder, just different and much more effective at getting your staff to focus more intently on what they should be doing, well, without making expensive mistakes and making them work together better, using technology more efficiently and more effectively, so making your business more profitable.

Even just measuring Staff Productivity can help, objectively, to pay your staff more for delivering more for your business for no extra pay. Done correctly my Productivity Program can also get your staff more involved in their work, cross-checking each others' work, which saves you running around checking things have been done how you want them done and make them much more aware of what they should be doing to help your business prosper. My productivity programs tend to produce between 1/4 & 1/3 more work done by your staff for the same pay, so it's obvious why Productivity is the biggest single source of profits for SMEs; However the most unexpected benefit is that because the staff accomplish more, they feel feel better for accomplishing more and tend to be more loyal and more satisfied with their work, working for you.

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